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Your Event Partner in Europe


We Encourage Partnerships

As a key element of our business model, Forum Europe proactively seeks to develop collaborations with partner organisations.


As a content and event organiser, we are perfectly placed to support both the development of conference subject matter and to offer complete event management services.


Around half of Forum Europe events are the result of a partner's request or suggestion for putting a particular EU issue in the spotlight. The other half are events initiated by Forum Europe itself. Our partners come from all over Europe and around the world. They are mainly national governments and EU institutions, companies, trade associations or international organisations.

For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your event requirements, please contact James Wilmott


Telephone: +44 (0) 2920 783 020

Revenue Generating Opportunities


Producing a conference doesn't always have to cost money – Forum Europe offers a range of flexible partnership options, including revenue generating ones where appropriate. We will co-design conference proposals and work with you to map out how best to ensure success. If you have an interesting conference project, Forum Europe can also enter into partnership with you and take on a substantial part of the financial responsibility.


Our expert team of researchers help develop the content of events if necessary, while our excellent relations with the Brussels media and experience of promoting conferences ensures that the marketing strategy is correctly implemented and that it surpasses the required goals.


The team at Forum Europe are friendly and efficient, and are available to discuss your requirements regardless of scale. We are flexible enough to react quickly if necessary. 

Forum Europe is a highly recommendable event provider for anyone planning a conference in Brussels. The Forum Europe team is both professional and reliable with a no-nonsense approach to organising events. They are great to work with and their hands-on approach proved invaluable in helping us put together a successful event.


Stefan Krawczyk

Senior Director and Counsel Government Relations Europe, eBay