The International AI Summit Set to Address Key Developments in AI Regulation and Global Cooperation

2 November 2023

Forum Europe and Euronews’ upcoming International AI Summit, happening next week, is primed to be one of the timeliest conferences of the year on AI policy


Taking place on 8th November in Brussels and Online, the Summit will be one of the first opportunities to reflect on the very latest global developments surrounding AI regulation and ethics. It will follow this week’s release of the G7 code of conduct for developers of generative artificial intelligence and of the White House AI Executive Order as well as the UK AI Safety Summit.

These initiatives, along with the ongoing negotiations on the AI Act, underscore the growing recognition that AI technologies require thoughtful regulation and ethical guidelines to maximise their potential while minimising risks. Attendees at the International AI Summit will have the unique opportunity to delve into these fresh and critical developments with prominent voices from the fields of AI ethics, policy, and industry who will shed light on the practical implementation of ethical guidelines, the impact of government policies, standards and the role of international cooperation in shaping the future of AI.


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As the governance of AI has emerged as one of the most pressing questions of our time, this conference, presented by Forum Europe and Euronews and curated by Cameron Kerry, Joshua Meltzer of The Brookings Institution, Andrea Renda of the Centre for European Policy Studies, founders of the Forum for Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence, and Andrew Wyckoff, until recently, the Director of the OECD’s Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, will seek to address many of the questions around global regulatory cooperation, and what this will mean in practice.

The Summit, entitled ‘Advancing AI Governance: Is a Global Approach possible’ and featuring key representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, and high-level representatives from Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, Tanzania, Canada, the US, the OECD and the UN alongside senior industry players and experts, promises to be a pivotal moment for the ongoing discussions around responsible and ethical development of AI technologies on a global scale.

With over 250 attendees expected to join us in-person and thousands online, don’t miss out and register today to be part of the discussions.

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