The European Cyber Security Conference celebrates its 10th anniversary this month

1 March 2023

Forum Europe’s EU Cyber Security Conference celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, with the 2023 edition taking place on 23 March in Brussels. As we reach this milestone, it is an opportunity to reflect on the issues that have affected the sector this past decade, and on how Europe has responded to the significant and continuous increase in cyber threats.


From the Heartbleed, WannaCry and NotPetya outbreaks, to the attack on the Ukrainian power grid, the emergence of disinformation campaigns, and the rise of cyber threats linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that the proliferation of technology and our increasing reliance on digital infrastructure for communication, commerce, and critical services this past decade have made cyber incidents and hybrid threats common occurrences. Over the years, the European Cyber Security Conference has covered a wide range of topics linked to the proliferation of these cyber threats and debated Europe’s response to these challenges, including issues around investment in technology, R&D, education, and policies that enhance cyber security and support the European market for cyber solutions.

Check out our 10th anniversary video above

As cyber threats have become increasingly complex and global, one of the recurring themes explored at this conference over the past 10 years is the importance of cooperation between governments, industry, and the civil society. Once again this year, the event will gather European and global policymakers, industry players, high level cyber security and defence experts to explore Europe's response to the latest cyber and hybrid security challenges in a dynamically evolving global risk landscape.

This 10th edition will take place in the context of the rise - in number, level of sophistication and nature - of cyber threats in the past year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

 Speakers including:

  • Victor Zhora, Deputy Chairman and Chief Digital Transformation Officer, State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine
  • Christiane Kirketerp de Viron, Head of Unit Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy Policy, DG CONNECT, European Commission;
  • James Appathurai, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO;
  • Marina Kaljurand, Member, European Parliament;
  • André Erich Denk, Deputy Chief Executive, European Defence Agency;
  • Miguel Angel Amutio Gómez, Deputy Director General for Cybersecurity Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Spain;
  • Royal Hansen, VP of Privacy, Safety and Security Engineering, Google
  •  John Fokker, Head of Threat Intelligence & Principal Engineer, Trellix 

will join the stage with many others to explore the extent to which the EU’s cyber policy agenda truly allows the block to protect against, prevent and respond to cyber-attacks, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU’s cybersecurity industry at global level.  


Interested in joining this year’s discussion?

Apply for your place today via the event website or contact Anne-Lise Simon anne-lise.simon@forum-europe / +44 (0) 2920 783 023 if you would like to explore speaking or sponsorship opportunities at this year’s event.

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