Looking back at the 4th Annual Data Economy Conference

19 November 2022

The 4th Annual European Data Economy Conference, which took place virtually on 9th November 2022, focused on the extent to which The Data Act, The Data Governance Act and rules to create Common Data Spaces, can support the development of innovative business services and solutions to address the underutilisation of data at EU level. Over 200 delegates signed in to watch policymakers, industry players, national authorities representatives as well as civil society experts to discuss the possibilities and the existing constraints of data sharing. They also explored what more is needed at both regulatory and practical levels to meet the data governance and sovereignty requirements necessary to stimulate a thriving, fair and competitive single market for data that is developed with European values at its heart, all the while supporting the digital transformation of Europe in line with the 2030 Digital Decade ambitions.

Speakers analysed the extent to which the proposed regulatory framework around data in Europe is enough to develop a culture of data sharing, foster data-driven innovation and create a functioning European data market for the benefits of individuals, businesses, and public administrations. 

They also discussed how the collection and analysis of huge amounts of data being constantly generated from multiple sources requires the deployment of highly powerful computing resources and storage capacity. There was a focus on the role that HPC, Quantum, Edge and Cloud Computing, as well as the development of federated cloud infrastructures, will play in responding to the growing needs of the data ecosystem.

The conference also discussed what data sovereignty requirements meant for businesses and individuals and how organisations could best manage data sovereignty and localisation requirements without impeding the free flow of data.

Full replays of all our sessions can be found here

Thank you to all our speakers and delegates for their participation in this timely and important discussion, and to our event sponsors, Accenture, BSA | The Software Alliance, Microsoft and Workday for their support.

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