Forum Europe’s 3rd Annual Artificial Intelligence Conference

23 April 2021

Forum Europe’s 3rd Annual Artificial Intelligence Conference took place last month, on 25 March. Across three sessions expert speakers, stakeholders, and key policymakers including Spanish Secretary of State Carme Artigas, MEP Dragoş Tudorache, DG CONNECT’s Kilian Gross and Yvo Volman, and Maria Rautavirta of Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications joined the conference to discuss Europe’s upcoming AI and data governance legislations. Attracting over 700 delegates, the conference zoomed in on AI in healthcare with the final session of the day. 


Academics from Europe and around the world also presented their research at the AI Research Hub, which can be seen again on the event website.


Thank you to everyone that attended the event, as well as our event sponsors BSA | The Software Alliance, Microsoft and SAP. 


We look forward to the 4th edition next year, but in the meantime replays of all of the sessions from the conference are available here.