The European 5G Conference returns to Brussels

13 January 2020

Forum Europe is looking forward to the 4th edition of the European 5G Conference taking place this month on 29-30 January at the BluePoint, Brussels. 
All around the world, commercial deployment has begun. As we move from planning and preparation to deployment and launch, this year's conference will look at early experiences that are being seen, and the challenges and opportunities that are ahead. The event will discuss how Member States and Industry can work together with the new Commission to deliver on the 5G vision.
Join the conference and get the opportunity to listen and network with experts in this area, including; Peter Stuckmann, Head of Unit - Future Connectivity Systems, European Commission, Dan Sjöblom, Chair, BEREC, Antonio Missiroli, Assistant Secretary-General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO, HyeonWoo Lee, Vice Chair, Executive Committee, 5G Forum Korea, and Andreana Atanasova, Vice-Chair, RSPG. 
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