Agenda officially released for this year's Digital Services Act Conference

24 January 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Forum Europe’s conference on the Digital Services Act will be taking place on 24 March 2020 at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels. Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission responsible for “A Europe Fit for the Digital Age” will be opening the conference with a keynote speech and a Q&A with our chairman, Paul Adamson. 

Entitled The Digital Services Act: A new rulebook for the digital economy?, the conference will gather around 300 delegates to discuss the key issues around the possible revamp of the existing E-Commerce Directive through a proposed Digital Services Act, which would “upgrade our liability and safety rules for digital platforms, services and products, and complete our Digital Single Market.”

Since the adoption of the E-Commerce Directive in 2000, the digital space has significantly evolved with the emergence of social media platforms, OTT and sharing-economy players as well as with the convergence of media consumption, and the explosion of user-generated content. Concerns about developments in the digital economy, including the rapid proliferation of online hate speech and disinformation, have spurred calls for a revision of the current rules, where it is argued self-regulation is not having the necessary impact. 

This conference will discuss the objectives and potential provisions of any proposed Digital Services Act, addressing issues relating to liability, content moderation and regulatory oversight of intermediary service providers. It will assess what is required to create conditions that foster fair competition for digital platforms and the media sector to thrive, and to safeguard an open and safe online space, ensuring the Internet continues to be a key driver for innovation, economic growth, democratic discourse and social progress.

For more information and a full agenda as well as speaker and sponsorship opportunities, please go to or contact David Kirby at