Build Your Virtual Event with Forum Vision

20 March 2020

Nobody understands the value of meeting face-to-face at conferences and events better than us. However, given the current challenges that we are all facing, there is a need to adjust and find different ways to engage, network and connect.

Forum Europe's virtual conference offering - Forum Vision - delivers strategic EU events online. Our virtual events are designed to enable partners, policymakers and other stakeholders to engage with each other on vital policy files, and to support transparency and inclusion in the policymaking process.

We have the platforms and human expertise to power, plan and execute virtual events, from long planned conferences to smaller roundtables. Critically, we can deliver these solutions in as little as 3 days and apply the same strategic offering as in the delivery of physical events.

By using the Forum Vision platform, you will benefit from the same strategic services that we are able to offer our clients who organise physical conferences alongside Forum Europe. With 30 years’ experience of event management, our team has connections to top-level policymakers, industry leaders, key speakers and audiences; and an unrivalled overall knowledge of the Brussels and EU policy arena.

Discover what we are able to provide to turn your already planned event or new event concept, into a virtual meeting which keeps the level of your policy engagement where it needs to be.

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Contact: James Wilmott
+44 (0) 7760 160 618