Privacy thought-leaders and experts to join the inaugural Data Privacy Conference USA in Washington D.C.

22 August 2019

On September 18th 2019, over 150 experts from the US data protection community will gather in Washington D.C to explore the current and future challenges in the area of data privacy, and debate the different governance strategies that have recently emerged.

In the wake of numerous publicised cases of data breaches and misuses, attitudes towards data privacy and protection are changing fast. Governments, domestically and abroad, have started responding to these challenges, fuelling an intense debate around the need for a harmonised and federal approach to consumer privacy in the US. Building on the success of the European edition - which has taken place annually since 2010 - this event will assess the work done in the US so far on building consensus around what a federal set of rules for data privacy might look like, and to provide clarity on what the next steps should look like. High-level speakers such as Congresswoman DelBene, Senator Blackburn and US-EU Privacy Shield Director Alex Greenstein will be joined by experts coming from the industry and civil society to discuss the following themes:

  • A Federal Data Privacy Law: The right approach to data protection and privacy in the US?
  • Interaction between US and global privacy rules: Impacting international data flows
  • Understanding the uniqueness of the US data-innovation environment in the global context
  • Promoting privacy innovation, responsible use of data and safeguarding users' trust
  • Under the microscope: What will a Federal data privacy law mean for the health sector?

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