Podcast: Paul Adamson talks to Ryan Heath on EU Confidential

29 July 2019

Forum Europe chairman Paul Adamson took a break from asking the questions earlier this month, when he sat down with Ryan Heath in a new EU Confidential episode. In episode 108 of the Politico podcast, Paul discussed the life of a lobbyist, the latest in the Brussels hustle, and the recent transatlantic twitterstorm.

Ryan asked the "Paul Adamson in conversation" host about his 40-year career in the EU capital, how Boris Johnson hasn’t changed since his own whippersnapper days on the continent, and why lobbyists get a bad name. Note: The podcast aired before U.K. ambassador Kim Darroch offered his resignation.

Listen to POLITICO's EU Confidential - Episode 108
Episode 108 — Paul Adamson, godfather of Brussels lobbying scene