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Confirmed speakers at our upcoming events include:

Mr Steven WilsonMr Steven Wilson

Head of European Cybercrime Centre, EUROPOL

speaking at The 6th Annual European Cyber Security Conference

Ms Deborah AlbersMs Deborah Albers

Vice President, Responsible Business Alliance

speaking at Driving Sustainability in European Public Procurement

Upcoming Events

November 2018

8 November 2018

Brussels, Belgium

The 6th Annual European Cyber Security Conference


Gathering leading policy-makers, industry players and high level cyber security & defence experts, this conference will explore Europe’s response to a dynamically evolving global risks landscape and what remains to be done to ensure that we are better prepared to face these threats.


27 November 2018

Brussels, Belgium

Driving Sustainability in European Public Procurement


This high-level Forum Europe conference will debate how public procurement is conducted at national and EU levels, with a view to delivering concrete outcomes that those involved in procurement and the provision of public services will value.

December 2018

4 December 2018

Brussels, Belgium

The 4th Annual Future of Transport Conference


Forum Europe’s 4th Future of Transport Conference will focus on the technological innovations revolutionising the transport sector and redefining Europe’s mobility systems. Participants will debate the best ways to truly realise the opportunities offered by connected and autonomous vehicles, what can be done to realise a sustainable and multi-modal European transport system and to implement future-proof intelligent infrastructure based on secure 5G connectivity. The conference aims to address the question: what does the future of transport in Europe look like and how can the positive impact of technological innovation be realised?