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European Data Protection & Privacy Conference 2023

5 December 2023 Brussels

European Data Protection & Privacy Conference 2023

Key Speakers Included

Didier Reynders

Didier Reynders
Commissioner for Justice, European Commission

Mathieu Michel

Mathieu Michel
Secretary of State for Digitization, in charge of Administrative Simplification, Privacy and Building Administration, Federal Government of Belgium

Wojciech Wiewiórowski

Wojciech Wiewiórowski
European Data Protection Supervisor, EDPS

Olivier Micol

Olivier Micol
Head of Unit, Data Protection, DG Justice, European Commission

Bruno Gencarelli

Bruno Gencarelli
Head of Unit, International Affairs and Data Flows, DG Justice, European Commission

Clarisse Girot

Clarisse Girot
Head of the Data Governance and Privacy Unit, OECD

Morgane Donse

Morgane Donse
Deputy Director International Data Flows, UK Government

Naomi Lefkovitz

Naomi Lefkovitz
Senior Privacy Policy Advisor, Information Technology Lab, NIST, U.S. Department of Commerce

Job titles correct at the time of the event

Event Overview

Five years after the introduction of the GDPR in Europe, data privacy remains a key issue for policymakers and stakeholders, particularly as it interacts with emerging technologies and other, more recent rules and regulations. This latest edition of the conference addressed the successes and challenges of the GDPR, as well as broader issues, including the influence of AI on data privacy, its pan-European implementation and the developing role of PETs. The event was brought to you by Forum Europe.

As data-driven technologies continue to advance at unprecedented pace, protecting individuals’ personal information and ensuring their privacy remains a top priority for lawmakers and businesses worldwide. As the end of this legislative cycle in Europe nears and five years after the implementation of the GDPR, the 13th Annual European Data Protection & Protection Conference will be both reflective and forward-looking, exploring the challenges, successes, and lessons learned regarding tech regulation these past few years, and discussing how all stakeholders in the data privacy realm can continue to work towards a future where privacy remains a cornerstone of our data economies and societies.

Providing a continuous exploration into the ever-evolving realm of data protection and privacy, the conference will highlight the next trends and priorities in ensuring individual’s trust in digital tech, the importance of interoperability with various data privacy rulebooks worldwide and the role of privacy innovation as a powerful catalyst for progress. The conference will also feature thought-provoking discussions on the delicate balance required to ensure that the use and deployment of AI technologies in Europe do not compromise our fundamental rights. 

  • Research and programme production
  • Identification and invitations of speakers, as well as regular contact with those confirmed to organise the content and format of their contribution
  • Sponsor recruitment and management
  • Venue research, liaison and management on site 
  • Marketing campaign; raising awareness for the event through mailings, personal invitations and social media posts and translating these activities into registrations
  • Website and registration platform design and maintenance
  • Registrations and delegate management
  • Full AV set up and fulfilment, stage design and collaboration with suppliers
  • Onsite presence at the event to coordinate all final technical and choreographic arrangements, catering organisation, welcome of speakers and assistance to delegates.
  • Onsite marketing including posting on social media and creating content such as an event day highlights real and speaker interviews. 
  • Organisation of an exclusive, invitation-only pre-Conference dinner for speakers and sponsors of the conference, as well as selected top-level experts.

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Event Sponsors

Baker McKenzieBSA | The Software AllianceBroadcomIntuitMicrosoftTikTok



“Such a conference can bring more convergence in the way we in the way we can implement the GDPR. So that's for me something really important. Thank you [Forum Europe] for organising this.”

Mathieu Michel, Secretary of State for Digitization, in charge of Administrative Simplification, Privacy and Building Administration Federal Government of Belgium

“Forum Europe's 2023 annual data protection conference showed again that this is a great event for anyone wanting to find out the latest trends and developments from the biggest newsmakers, regulators and experts in the rapidly developing field of digital technologies.

Stephanie Bodoni, EU News Correspondent, Bloomberg

“I'm really happy to come back here again. This conference for me is always really really interesting because you have such a high quality set of panelists and audience.”

Elise Houlik, Chief Privacy Officer, Intuit

“I think [conferences like these] are hugely important especially on complex topics like the ones you have chosen.”

Lorelien Hoet, Director of EU Government Affairs, Microsoft

“I think [conferences like these] are very important, especially this one, because...of meeting a lot of people from the institution, the commission, the European Data Protection Supervisor. It's a bit smaller than other conferences in Brussels and then you can connect with people better.”

Elisabeth Dehareng, Partner, Baker McKenzie

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