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Investors in People

Investors in People
Forum Europe is a proud holder of the Investors in People Award.

About Forum Europe

Forum Europe Is The Leading EU Dedicated Conference & Event Provider

We work both autonomously and with clients and partners to produce conferences and events for the European public and private sectors, focusing on key policy directives and legislation emanating from the EU political institutions.


With more than 25 years experience of producing events in Brussels, we've established a reputation for our ability to react early to critical policy developments, deliver events that are thoroughly planned and expertly executed, and create working relationships which are constructive and long-term.

For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your event requirements, please contact James Wilmott


Telephone: +44 (0) 2920 783 020

Sectors that we cover include: 

  • InfoSociety & the Digital Agenda
  • Energy, Environment & Climate Action
  • Health & Consumer Affairs
  • Financial Services
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transport
  • Public Affairs

Creating partnerships...


Around half of Forum Europe’s events are initiated internally. The other half result from a partner's request to put a particular EU issue in the spotlight. We often take a share of the financial responsibility and find sponsors while putting together an event. Our partners come from all over Europe and around the world. They are mainly national governments and EU institutions, companies, trade associations or international organisations, but there are additional models that can be employed. We invite you to contact us to discuss these in more detail. For more information on our various partnership options, including revenue generating opportunities, please click here.


Maximum coverage for the issues that matter to you...


Forum Europe can either operate as a back-room support operation or play a more involved role where our brand is visible. Either way, the approach we take is the same for each ensure its success, whilst allowing our partners to concentrate on their own priorities.


Our highly specialised event website technology ensures the most effective and professional experience for participants, whether they are researching an event or registering online. While our systems are fully automated, we always follow up all enquiries and registrations personally.


Press & marketing...


Forum Europe enjoys a special relationship with the European press – including the 1000 strong Brussels press corps, and has built its reputation with the press as a neutral organisation – not a PR agency – over years of holding high profile events. For each event, a press officer is assigned to ensure the maximum coverage possible.


We invest in extensive marketing databases for all the major sectors as well as bespoke, high-end systems for managing the use of these databases and the administration of events. All this is supported by a team of committed professionals who manage the whole process and provide that human touch.


In addition, we have a highly experienced and creative in-house design team which can work autonomously or in liaison with your own agencies to deliver full creative and print management services.