Speakers at our recent events included:

Mr Nigel CameronMr Nigel Cameron

CEO, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies

spoke at The 8th Annual Internet of Things European Summit

Mr Alex BarkerMr Alex Barker

Brussels Bureau Chief, Financial Times

spoke at E!Sharp Live 2017

Mr David OsimoMr David Osimo

Founder, Open Evidence and Osimo Associates

spoke at Data Flows: The 3rd European Data Economy Conference

Past Events - 2017

April 2017

19 – 20 April 2017

The 8th Annual Internet of Things European Summit


<p>The Summit is the leading dual policy and business focused IoT event in the region. This year we welcome over 200 representatives from policy and business communities, in addition to &nbsp;40+ speakers from EU institutions, multinationals, start ups, press and academia will also be in attendance.&nbsp;</p>

February 2017

9 February 2017

Data Flows: The 3rd European Data Economy Conference


<p>As data-driven innovation becomes an increasingly significant factor of economic and social value for Europe, the European Commission is proposing a &ldquo;Free Flow of Data&rdquo; initiative as part of its Digital Single Market strategy. The initiative aims to tackle restrictions on the free movement of data within the EU, and &ldquo;will address the emerging issues of ownership, interoperability, usability and access to data&rdquo; to help drive innovation and competition in data markets.</p>

January 2017

24 January 2017

71 Avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

E!Sharp Live 2017


<p><strong>E!Sharp Live</strong> will take a critical look at whether it is possible for the EU to become more relevant to the citizens it is meant to serve, and how it can go about doing so. It will ask whether its institutions can deliver recognisably EU-led solutions to the migration, security and economic problems that have stoked the fires of populism in Europe. The event will seek to re-energise the debate around how the EU can be relevant and impactful moving forward.</p>